REVIEW: Fantom S Aluminum Slim Wallet

My product was the Fantom S (8-13 Card version) in Red, with a Titanium Money Clip

Today marks about a week now I’ve had the opportunity to play with one of the most exciting new wallets on the market. The latest product launched by Ansix Designs here in Canada is the new Fantom Wallet.

With 3 different card capacity options housed inside a sturdy aluminum frame this card has good pocket feel, and weighs virtually nothing while making itself even more functional with the additional of the pop out toggle lever along the shortest edge. This lever fanning the cards out for easier access is definitely a plus to the overall functionality.

Overall I rate the Fantom S an 8/10, with strong performances in some of the key areas we’re looking at, however it did have a couple of minor issues that you’ll see as we delve in further below.

Card Capacity

This particular model boasted a capacity of 8-13 cards, which seems realistic with the number of cards I was able to fit into the card holder segment of the wallet. I did find it to be a bit slick when I had only 8 cards in the wallet so I’m not sure I would trust only having 8 in this particular model. I maxed out the amount of space in the wallet at 11 cards, however 4 of those were embossed cards so we give them a thumbs up for the accuracy of their card capacity and the realistic numbers they’re advertising.

Size and Bulk

The slim build of this wallet was what truly excited me about the concept of it, weighing in empty at less than 50 grams! That is astonishingly light for a wallet with this level of capacity. Once I fully loaded it up, it still feels like one of the lightest wallets I’ve ever had, and fits well into the front pocket with almost no added bulk. That being said though, I do find that the design of the wallet with the lever on the end, makes it slightly longer than I would have liked in an ideal world, but they get 2 thumbs up for the slimness and minimal bulk of this wallet.

Card Grip

We touched on my feeling of card grip in the card capacity section of the review already, but let’s go over this a bit more. The grip on my cards seems to be sturdy so long as I have at least 8-9 cards in the wallet. If you go below the minimum capacity for your specific model, then it does tend to be lacking in the grip of your cards a bit. I also found that the last card in the wallet, closest to the quick access latch had to be a plastic card. When I loaded my metal American Express Platinum into the final spot for the easiest access, I found that it was a bit slick and began to fall out a couple of times due to the lack of grip with a metal on metal contact. I would love to see some way to have better grip on the metal credit cards, though that won’t be a major issue for most people.

Ease of Access

The Fantom S makes accessing most of your cards as easy as fanning out your cards with the top level, and grabbing the one you want. That being said, I would love for the cards to fan a bit more, however with 12-13 cards in the wallet there is limited room for fanning out that many cards and I understand why the wallet is the way it is. I also have to keep my metal credit card in the second slot which makes the access a little bit slower than if it were in the primary spot, but I change wallets multiple times a week and I’ve been going strong with this one for over a week, so thats a great sign!

Additional Functionality

So what makes this wallet special other than it’s ability to hold my cards? Let’s talk about that. The Fantom wallet is available in a model with a coin holder, though in COVID times I did not opt for that model so I can’t comment on it specifically. My biggest issue with this wallet comes from a functionality it was NOT designed to have. I found it to be tedious that the card holder compartment in this wallet could not hold any business cards. However I found a way around this by keeping my business cards in the money clip, though they do get bent and scuffed up in the pocket, tarnishing that pristine condition you desire when handing your business card to a potential client, none the less I found a way to carry them, which is more than I can say for many of the wallets I’ve tried. In the money clip I keep 5 business cards and 3 folded bills at any time and it maintains a tight grip on all of it, so they’ve done good work with the money clip on this wallet. Interestingly I had to screw on the money clip myself as it came packaged separately from the wallet itself.

Quality of Materials

The quality of this wallet feels phenomenal. The metal finish feels very high quality, though I have managed to scratch it within this first week of owning it, but the wallet comes in a variety of finishes other than metal, so I’m sure theres a finish out there to fit the needs of anyone.


This is where this company really goes above and beyond to back their product by offering both a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects AND a wear and tear warranty garnering a 50% discount on a new wallet when returning the worn out wallet.

Lastly, Price

I paid $72 USD for this wallet, plus an additional $9 for the shipping. I found it to be tedious that I had to pay in USD (I paid roughly $108 Canadian including the $10 Signup Discount) considering the wallet shipped from within Canada, however I do see the value for money. At $108 CAD I would expect a wallet of high quality and excellent function, and I feel that for the most part, I received that. Down the road I will likely try and review the company’s new Fantom R model, which is more expensive, and I will likely write a second review on the quality of this model as well after some time using the wallet.

In Closing

As we said this wallet scored an overall rating of 8/10, with excellent card capacity, a phenomenal warranty, and high build quality. The points deducted were for the lack of a functional business card holder, and the slippage occurring with my metal Amex card.

I would not hesitate to recommend this wallet to anyone looking for a slim front pocket solution, provided that the steep price tag isn’t prohibitive.

The Fantom S can be purchased at

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