Wallet Reviews for the Everyman

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the new home of something I’m passionate about, wallets! I’ve been collecting for a long time, and throughout all of this time, I tend to rate my wallets based on a number of criteria. Recently, it occurred to me that I can use these ratings and this set of criteria to help other people find the best solutions for themselves.

Over the foreseeable future, we will be going through and making a number of reviews of different wallets available on the markets to men! I always like to look for the newest, greatest thing available, and while sometimes this may be the best option for one person, it may not be the best for the next.

We’re going to rank every wallet we review on an overall scale of 1-10. To achieve this 1-10 rating, we will be going through the following aspects of the wallet to determine its viability, and suitability for the average man’s lifestyle.

  1. Card Capacity – We all have a number of cards we debate whether we need day to day because they just add bulk, so we’re going to talk about what the true capacity is for each wallet we look at.
  2. Size and Bulk – Personally I find the threshold for a wallet that fits the front pocket well to be less than 3 inches in width, or height (whichever is shorter based on the dimensions of the specific wallet.
  3. Card Grip – Because nobody wants their cards falling out of their wallet.
  4. Ease of Access to Main Cards – We all have 1 or 2 cards that we use everyday, and you want to be able to access those cards quickly and conveniently.
  5. Quality of Materials – What is the quality of the material the wallet is made of, and will it stand up to day to day use and abuse.
  6. Warranty – If Applicable
  7. Price – How does the price stack up for the function that you get for it.

With all of that being said! Don’t forget to follow the blog to see the newest reviews right as they come.

I look forward to sharing my passion with everyone!

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