This time around I took the SECRID Mini Wallet in Black for a spin for a couple of weeks.

As we’ve learned by now, I love a good minimalist wallet, and I love when modern technology is introduced into a compact EDC product. For years now, SECRID has been a lost leader in the card slide based wallet space, manufacturing their fantastic variety of options from Holland, you can truly see and feel the quality in these wallets from the instant you set your sights on them for the first time.

As we all know by now though we must rank the wallet based on certain criteria, however if I had to give this wallet its overall rating, I’d peg it down at a 8.5/10! Fantastic rating for a great product by an exceptional company.

Card Capacity

The mini wallet may come in small, however the capacity of this wallet is fantastic. The main metal card slide offers space for 4 Embossed cards, or up to 6 flat cards. Personally, I store 3 embossed cards, and 2 flat cards in the slide. Now within the leather wrap (shown in the below picture) holds another 4 cards! This brings us to 8-10 cards in total. But…there’s more, in the cash holding sleeve, I fit in commonly another 4 folded bills, and 4 business cards. This brings the total capacity for me to 9 cards, 4 business cards, and 4 folded bills. For a wallet that fits in the palm of your hand, this is fantastic.

When the wallet opens up, you get 2 more card slots for up to 2 cards each, and a plastic slot for folded bills that I also keep business cards in.

Size & Bulk

As we touched on in capacity, this wallet is truly outstanding in capacity for it’s compact size. The wallet comes in at roughly 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide. When fully loaded I had it at less than an inch thick! This wallet is truly one of the more front pocket friendly wallets that I’ve played with.

Card Grip

This is one of the few categories where I had to deduct points for this piece. The 2 card slots in the leather wrap around are phenomenal for grip, I felt that my cards were secure at all times, and the leather wrap snaps shut when you’re storing the wallet in your pocket, so rest assured your cards are safe. Now the metal slide on the other hand, is a different story. I felt that the majority of my plastic cards were stored securely and I had to apply a decent amount of force to make them fall out, but my metal card I had some trouble with. When moving the wallet around and testing it on different angles, the grip was definitely a bit loose on my metal card, and I was able to make it fall out completely on more than 1 occasion.

Ease of Access

As far as ease of access is concerned, this wallet gets a perfect score. With the easy access slide switch on the bottom of the card slide, you pull the switch and your top 4-6 cards come popping right up for near instant access to whatever you need most. The lesser used cards in the leather wrap around are still easy to access, but they’re safely stored away for when you don’t immediately need them.

Additional Functionality

For additional functionality this wallet has one of the key features I look for in a cardholder based wallet… RFID protection. The RFID protection on the main metal slide ensures that nobody with a skimmer can steal the data from your ID and credit cards as you walk around day to day.

Quality of Materials

The leather this wallet is made of is of a quality that you know as soon as you touch it for the first time. The metal card slides to tend to scratch a bit, but the leather and other materials are definitely of a top notch quality. You’ll know immediately when you’re using this wallet that you have a high quality wallet in your hand.


The warranty that SECRID offers is something that truly sets their entire line apart from their competitors in the EDC marketplace. As one of the original players in the space they’ve had a lot of time to work on their craft, but they believe so firmly in the quality of their products, that they back all of their products with a 3 year warranty for any defects or malfunctions. On top of the warranty, I’ve found their customer service team very easy to work with despite them being on another continent.


The entire SECRID line of wallets sells at a price point that most would consider premium, they’re definitely more expensive than the average wallet you grab off the shelf at your local department store. However, you know when you pick these wallets up that you’re paying for the quality of the product, the functionality, and the warranty. Despite the many knockoffs available on Amazon and alike, I would recommend splurging on the real thing any day of the week.

In closing, I would recommend the SECRID Mini Wallet to anyone looking for a solution to slim down the old bifold wallet taking up major real estate in their back pocket. Plus, can you put a price on the back pain you’ll save yourself by moving your wallet to the front pocket in the first place?

Overall the SECRID Mini Wallet gets an 8.5/10 rating, making it one of the highest scoring wallets I’ve gotten my hands on thus far. While I’m trying new things every couple of weeks, I’ve been using SECRID for awhile and their products truly are in a league of their own.

Until next time!