REVIEW: RIDGE Wallet – The Pioneer in Minimalist EDC Cardholder Wallets

The RIDGE Wallet gets an Overall Score of…….. 8/10

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of stuffing my pocket with the original pioneer in minimalist everyday carry wallets. The Ridge wallet was one of the first truly minimalist cardholders available on the market. Made of phenomenal metal or carbon fibre finishes, and with your choice of an elastic money band, or a metal money clip they truly provide room for everything in a sleek shell. I’ve truly tested the limits of what this cardholder will hold over the past couple of weeks. Without further adieu, on with the review!

Card Capacity

This wallet truly took everything I could throw at it while testing its capacity. At the current moment, I have 10 Cards (4 Embossed), 6 Business Cards, and a Receipt inside the metal frame, and 3 folded bills inside the money band elastic. All of this is accomplished while weighing virtually nothing, and taking next to know space in that valuable front pocket real estate.

Size & Bulk

Let’s face it, nowadays your front pocket real estate is more valuable than ever before. Does anyone else wish men could carry big purses just so we had somewhere to put everything you wish you could carry around all day? As men, we’re constantly making choices about what can and can’t go into our pockets. I can assure you that without a doubt the Ridge wallet is truly worth every square inch it takes up in your precious pocket. Even fully loaded mine is roughly 2.5 inches long by 1.75 inches wide, and still slim at just over an inch thick. This wallet truly impressed me with its compact size.

Card Grip

With a side loaded cardholder, everything is held in by an elastic band wrapping through 2 metal plates. Card grip may be an issue that worries you when you hear this, but rest assured there’s nothing to worry about. This wallet keeps a stable grip on your cards at all times, and even any paper or receipts you may stuff in. The elastic money band has rubber dots on the bottom side for enhanced grip on your cash as well!

Ease of Access

The ease of access category is one of the categories where I have to knock points off unfortunately. The Ridge wallet comes with a side notch for pushing your cards out to access them easily, so you can retrieve the front or back card rather quickly. Unfortunately though, this access is not nearly as convenient as some of the other pieces we’ve reviewed, and will be reviewing. In a wallet with so many cards in there, I truly dislike having to pull out 5-6 cards to grab the one I’m looking for.

Additional Functionality

As far as additional functionality goes, this particular brand of wallets are fairly minimalist, focussing more on a quality design, and extremely minimal form factor, rather than a boatload of special features. I should note however, that the Ridge wallet is RFID protected, so that nobody can skim your credit cards while they’re tucked safely inside your ridge wallet.

Quality of Materials

The materials used to make this wallet truly are top of the line, with its minimalist design, there’s minimal parts involved in this piece. However the parts that are included in this wallet are meticulously crafted and designed to last forever. So I have zero doubts that the quality here is truly top notch.


The Ridge wallet comes with a top notch lifetime product warranty, ensuring that you never have any issues in regards to the quality or craftsmanship of this wallet. It will last you longer than any of the cards you store in it.


Price is a bit of a touchy subject when it comes to the Ridge Wallet, which unfortunately comes in as one of the most expensive options I’ve reviewed to date. With a base model at $100 Canadian, and the higher end models ranging into the high hundred, and low two hundred range, it truly is a premium product at a premium price. That being said, if you were to splurge and invest in a Ridge wallet, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Final Notes

The Ridge Wallet is truly a high quality EDC product, with an exceptional level of quality and craftsmanship put into each and every piece they ship. The wallet will last you a lifetime, and you won’t regret buying it at all.

My overall score for this wallet was an 8/10, making it a top choice for wallet and EDC fans everywhere!

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