REVIEW: Fantom R – The Super Premium Modular Wallet

The Fantom R wallet is a super premium metal cardholder with a variety of options and modular add-ons to make your dream wallet. The wallet carries a premium price tag, but Fantom truly does allow you to create your wallet dream, holding anything from every card you need and having options from cash to coins to keys!

The past 10 days I’ve used the Fantom R wallet as my daily driver, and I haven’t been disappointed. The wallet provides a fair amount of functionality, but better yet, you have your choice of functionality through their modular add ons. My Fantom R is in the Carbon Fibre finish, with a Titanium Money Clip, and a Carbon Fibre Cash Holder attachment (that I’ve been using for business cards). The Fantom R offers plenty of upside, but these super premium features do come at a rather premium price tag. Is that premium price tag worth it? I think so, with the Fantom R wallet coming in with an overall score of 9.2/10

Card Capacity

Much like the Fantom S we reviewed earlier in the year, it’s premium brother the Fantom R is a major frontrunner in the front pocket wallet space when it comes to card capacity. With 3 Sizes available depending on your needs, I have the largest which holds 13 cards in the wallet itself. With the money clip and cash holder attachments, I was also able to keep 8 business cards, and 10 folded bills in this compact yet extremely spacious wallet. With the modular add-ons available, with more to come on these on the Additional Features section, one thing is for sure, running out of space for your cards will NOT be an issue in a Fantom R series wallet.

Size & Bulk

The Fantom R is an extremely slim wallet in its base form, the the Fantom R 13 (the version with 13 card capacity) is only 0.54″ thick! The entire Fantom R series is 4.5″ long by 2.8″ wide making it a bit long, but still maintaining the perfect front pocket fit. Once I added the money clip, and the cash holder attachment, the wallet sits at roughly 1 inch thick. For the capacity this wallet brings, the bulk is virtually non-existent.

Card Grip

Metal Cardholder type wallets are something I’ve had issues with over time, with my metal credit cards generally having a tough time as they seem to slip a bit in the metal cardholders. The Fantom R though does not have this problem, all of my card stayed firmly in place, the cash and business cards were the same, no issues whatsoever.

Ease of Access

With the simple pull of a tab, all 13 cards are fanned out and ready to use whenever you may need them. No issue with the cards at the back or the middle, each and every card is ready to go at a moments notice. If you’re like me and always on the go, every card in here is faster to access then the credit cards on your phone!

Additional Functionality

This is truly the area where the Fantom R wallet shines. This wallet comes with a beautiful and rugged metal frame, and is available in 3 finishes, all of which look fantastic. The 3 finish options are wood, leather, and carbon fibre. Then you have the option to add a money clip, available in 18 different colours, that’s right I said 18! Above all that, every single one of these wallets is RFID protected, so you don’t have to worry at all about the security of your cards day to day. Above all of this we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, the wallet has multiple attachment options for the side of the wallet opposite the money clip, making for the ultimate modular compilation in wallets that I’ve seen on the market to date!

The 6 Modular Options for the Fantom R Wallets are:

  1. The Fantom R – Key Holder
    • The key holder allows you to keep 3 keys stored inside the modular attachment, keeping this available whenever you may need them, all the while minimizing your pocket bulk!
  2. The Fantom R – Cash Holder
    • The cash holder attachment gives you an additional slot that is roughly 1/8″ wide to accommodate folded bills, or even better yet (in my opinion) business cards, keeping them crisp and clean as opposed to keeping them in the money clip.
  3. The Fantom R – Coin Holder
    • This attachment gives you a nifty slot to store your coins in, and keeps them securely stored in the attachment and kept in by the pull tab for your cards!
  4. The Fantom R – ID Holder
    • This attachment is rather simple, a clear plastic holder for a single card, allowing your ID to be easily presentable without having to pull it out of the wallet.
  5. The Fantom R – Silicone Band
    • Available in 4 colours, this attachment suspends a silicone band down the centre of the wallet allowing for additional cash storage, or a secure place to keep business cards and receipts.
  6. The Fantom R – Tracker
    • This attachment allows for tracking of your wallet through an app connected via bluetooth on your phone! Ensuring that the wallet is easy to find whenever you need it.

Quality of Materials

The metal and finish materials of the Fantom R feel high quality from the instant you take them out of the box, and these materials are backed by a phenomenal warranty as well!


As with the Fantom S we reviewed earlier in the year Fantom comes back again with the best warranty in the business. Not only does it come with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defect, but they also provide a warranty for accidental damage, offering a replacement wallet for 50% off with the simple condition that the previous wallet be destroyed. This warranty definitely makes the hefty price tag more worth it.


As we discussed early on, the Fantom R truly is a premium wallet, and as so carries a rather premium price tag with a Fantom R wallet with a money clip and attachment coming in at over $200 Canadian after taxes and shipping. Even without the modular attachment, the base wallet and money clip come to $150 prior to tax and shipping. The wallet comes with a phenomenal warranty, and fantastic features, which do justify the price tag, but the wallet will likely remain exclusive to those willing to pay the price for it.

Final Notes

The Fantom R is an extremely premium wallet, with a variety of options to suit the needs of absolutely anyone with the customization options available. You can truly create a wallet for your style. Despite the price tag, the extremely premium features and benefits of this wallet make it one of my overall favourites thusfar.

The Fantom R Wallet earns an Overall Score of 9.2/10

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