REVIEW: Andar Apollo CORK… Eco-Friendly, Anti-Microbial, and Packed with Features!

The Andar Apollo is an excellent wallet however you look at it, but choosing the cork finish adds stain & water resistance, natural anti-microbial properties, and an all in all eco-friendly design! All in all the Andar Apollo earns a total score of 7.8/10

Let me start by saying that I’ve written all of my previous reviews under certain headers, with discussions around each individual aspect of the wallet. Today we’re going to switch that up a bit and write about the wallet with the pros and cons all written in!

The Andar Apollo is a phenomenal wallet for the everyman, it combines elements of the classic bifold, and newer modern features without creating that massive pocket bulge we’ve all been trying to get away from. This wallet combines a number of extra features to make it more functional day to day, and extremely easy to use.

Let’s dive in by first looking at the design of this wallet. When you first take it out and open it up, it has a slim feel with a front pocket friendly bifold design, with a quick access card slot on the front, your daily use credit or transit card is always ready to go. When you open the wallet you find 2 card slots on the left side, and an ID window on the left side. I was able to comfortably fit 2 cards into each of these, meaning up to this point I’ve comfortably fit 7 cards into this wallet thus far. When you continue to dive into the features of this wallet though you’ll find on the right side there is a slot on the end of the wallet, this slot allows you to store a few more cards, and utilizes an elastic pull strap to provide quick and easy access to all of your cards. I personally used this pocket for 3 cards and 4 business cards. Lastly, in the centre of the bifold, there is a metal clip, perfect for storing your cash bills and receipts. All in all for the slim wallet, the Andar Apollo was able to hold 10 cards, 4 business cards, and 6 bills/receipts without being bulky at all, and fitting very comfortably back into my front pocket.

This wallet also comes in amazing finishes, whether you want full grain leather for your everyday carry, or you prefer to opt for something cooler and new, as I did by going with the cork finish, you will not be disappointed. The cork finish is a game changer, with natural anti-microbial properties, and water and stain resistance (yes, I tested this thoroughly), this finish provides a very modern look to an otherwise classicly styled design. The cork version of this wallet also provides a very eco-friendly finish, with a natural material that can easily be regenerated, and a very natural look and feel as well.

The wallet was packed with extra features, not limited to the cork properties we mentioned above. The wallet has that great metal money clip in the centre of the bifold, making it extremely easy to hold your cash and receipts and keeps a steady grip on them so nothing will every fall out. The wallet was also completely RFID protected, so you never have to worry about credit card skimming. Lastly, the elastic pull strap to pull up the cards in the extra card pocket is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, I’ve seen pull straps on many wallets, but nothing with this kind of elastic pull strap, the pull strap popping right back in as you remove the cards makes for a much easier to use overall experience.

All in all, the Andar Apollo is a phenomal wallet, with fantastic features. If you want the classic look of a bifold, but are on the lookout for modern features and a front pocket friendly design, then this is the right choice for you. I will definitely use this wallet again long after this review. I truly enjoyed the experience I had with this wallet. It provides a great overall experience, and I believe that the eco-friendly choice in the cork version truly puts it over the top.

Overall the Andar Apollo receives a score of 7.8/10

You can find the Andar Apollo, and all other Andar Wallets HERE

What do you want to see reviewed next? I’d love to hear from my audience on this one. I have a few Everyday Carry products lined up including wallets, and key organizing products, among others.

REVIEW – Extremely Slim, Extremely Functional, the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder

The Ekster Aluminum cardholder is a game changer for saving your precious front pocket space day to day. To date it is the smallest wallet I’ve reviewed, yet didn’t lose any of the card capacity I needed, and it handled my business cards and cash beautifully also. I give the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder an Overall Score of 9.5/10!!!

The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder will soon be synonymous with slim, or compact when it comes to wallets. The other Ekster wallets I’ve reviewed were slim, but this one takes that to a whole new level. On top of that I didn’t lose an ounce of function, and I truly enjoyed my time using this wallet. I’ll cover everything below, and if you think this might be the wallet for you, you can purchase it HERE! Seriously though, if you want something slim and functional without completely breaking the bank, and a product that lasts a long time, I implore you to seriously consider purchasing this product.

Card Capacity

This beautiful aluminum cardholder from Ekster is as slim as they come, but doesn’t lose an ounce of capacity over it’s counterparts in the Senate and Parliament wallets. The inside of the aluminum cardholder handled 5 cards with ease, and without being tight at all. I should note that this was 4 embossed and 1 flat. The logo-ed front portion of the money band was able to hold 6 folded bills, and the metal plate on the back side was able to hold securely 4 additional flat cards and 6 business cards. So to reiterate here, I was able to fit 9 Cards, 6 Business Cards, and 6 Cash Bills into this tiny wallet!

Size & Bulk

I genuinely don’t know what to say about this in terms of size and bulk. This cardholder was without a doubt, the slimmest and most streamlined design of any wallet I’ve ever had my hands on, and this is saying a lot when compared to its closest competitors, SECRID & Ridge Wallet. This wallet comes in at a miniscule 4.1 inches tall, and only 2.3 inches wide. The wallet is only 0.29 inches thick until you start stuffing the plated back and money band. Even at full capacity the wallet was by far my slimmest ever.

Card Grip

As far as grip goes, this will be fairly straight forward, I encountered zero issues with grip in either the aluminum chamber or in the band inside the back plate. All in all a very comfortable grip.

Ease of Access

As a cardholder with a slide mechanism ease of access is truly never an issue. Slide cardholders are my favorite day to day for this very reason. I love the ease of pushing a button or pulling a tab and having my cards pop out.

Additional Functionality

The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for slim and secure, with RFID protection in the aluminum cardholder portion of the wallet. As with the other Ekster products, Ekster gives users the ability to add on a bluetooth tracker card, adding a tremendous amount of security for your most precious cargo day to day.

Quality of Materials

To date this will be the 3rd Ekster product I’ve gotten my hands on, and while the first two were of phenomenal material quality, the aluminum cardholder is a little bit different. I’m kidding of course, the aluminum cardholder, as with all other Ekster products is of a fantastic quality, and you’ll know it the second you first place your hands on it.


Ekster offers a 1 year warranty on all of their products, including the aluminum cardholder, and while this warranty will provide peace of mind, I can’t imagine ever needing to use it. Ekster has impressed me time and time again with the quality of their wallets, without charging an arm and a leg.


For only $63 USD (Regularly $79) you can own your own Ekster Aluminum Cardholder, and while this may seem expensive to the average consumer buying a wallet in a retail big box store, I can assure you that with wallets for the most part, you truly do get what you pay for. This is not the case with this piece though, with this cardholder you get WAY MORE than you pay for.

Final Notes

As I’m sure many of you know, I have a number of wallets here that I’ve amassed over time, for review purposes mostly, and I must say even though I’ve switched to another wallet for the purposes of reviewing that one next, this wallet was something that truly impressed me, and I will be using it again undoubtedly when I’m not using a wallet I’m about to review. If you’re at all in the market for a new slim wallet, and want to conserve that precious front pocket space, I would recommend you seriously consider buying this.

Overall the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder Scores an Incredible 9.5/10

You can buy the Aluminum Cardholder & all other Ekster products HERE

REVIEW: Totinit Vault Wallet – The Low Cost High Performance Wallet

The Totinit Vault Wallet, an economical choice for many while boasting a similar style to the Ridge Wallet, at only $35 Canadian, there’s not much that will compete with the feature set for the value it provides.

The Totinit Vault Wallet is a piece I’ve been using for a couple of weeks now. I was going to write this earlier, but I wanted a bit of extra time to ensure I didn’t miss anything in this review! I very much enjoyed this wallet, though not as luxurious or feature packed as some of the wallets I’ve reviewed recently, the price point is hard to beat! This wallet covers all the bases as far as functionality goes, while still being RFID protected to keep your information secure while you’re on the go!

Card Capacity

Overall the Totinit Vault Wallet does not disappoint when it comes to capacity. Coming in similar to its closest mainstream comparison in the Ridge Wallet, the Vault holds up to 12 Cards, though I really put it to its limit while testing it. I managed to get 12 cards, 8 business cards, and 10 folded bills into a combination of the elastic and metal cardholder, and the attached money clip. All that content being considered, the wallet kept a fairly minimalist form factor and didn’t disappoint me in the slightest.

Size & Bulk

The Vault is what I would consider a front pocket friendly wallet in its truest form. The wallet is roughly 3 inches tall, by about 2 inches wide. An extremely small form factor. Even when stuffed full, I had a hard time making the wallet more than about an inch thick, including the attached money clip. If you’re looking for something minimal and easy to fit in your pocket, they is a great option to consider.

Card Grip

Every elastic/metal based cardholder I’ve used has had excellent card grip, and the Totinit Vault is no exception. I must say though that the textured finish of the Totinit wallet makes it significantly easier to grip and hold than the Ridge Wallet with a glossy finish.

Ease of Access

This I find to be a pro and a con for the Totinit Wallet, the same as I did for the Ridge wallet. While the cutout on the backside for pressing into to expose your cards is handy for getting to them, the fact that there isn’t a mechanism for fanning the cards can make it a bit tricky to grab something from the middle of the stack when you need it. Overall though I would say its fairly convenient to access quickly if you organize your cards in the right order!

Additional Functionality

The Totinit Vault wallet brings some functional features in its sleek figure, with RFID protection to keep your information safe while you’re on the go, and an insane capacity on its money clip attachment. I was able to get 10 tri-folded bills into the money clip, and I didn’t feel that it was even close to capacity, though as we know, I like to overstuff things to see what their limits really are.

Quality of Materials

The Totinit Vault Wallet has a great feeling textured coating on the side plates for the wallet, making it easy to grip and very sturdy feeling. The money clip has a good clean finish on the metal, making for a durable piece that won’t scratch up easily as you use it, and lastly, unfortunately I didn’t feel the elastic was of the same quality as some of the other competitors I’ve used, the Totinit wallet is 1/3 of the price of the last similar wallet I reviewed, so I don’t have much issue with this overall.


The Totinit Vault Wallet really hits a home run when it comes to price! This wallet comes in at an easy to swallow $35 Canadian, making it an affordable option for the mass consumer, rather than exclusively to the wallet aficionado like myself. At this price point, it’s worth jumping on without much worry for the few little things that may not be there compared to some of the more expensive wallets we’ve looked at.

Final Notes:

The Totinit Vault Wallet may not be the most feature packed wallet we’ve reviewed, or the most beautiful, but it is easily the best value for the everyday consumer. At only $35 this simple and sleek cardholder will hold everything you need for day to day use, and the attached money clip will keep your cash and business cards nice and secure while you’re on the move.

I give the Totinit Vault Wallet an overall score of 7.8/10

You can purchase the Totinit Vault Wallet HERE